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February 4, 2017

Three New Customers Choose CampaignDrive

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CampaignDrive is continuing its strong growth from 2016 into the New Year. In January, three major enterprises announced they are moving to the leading local marketing automation platform. The news means that CampaignDrive is now powering marketing for more than 75,000 local marketers – and thousands more in support and administrative staff – at brands in 10 different industries.

The newest additions to the CampaignDrive customer list include a Top 10 QSR (quick service restaurant), a leading wealth management firm and a fast-growing children’s education company. These companies join brands like Marriott, Polaris and Wellbiz Brands who are long-time users of the SaaS local marketing platform.

New Customers Tackle Local Marketing Conundrums

All three of the new CampaignDrive customers were looking for a system that would empower their respective local marketers to do more effective marketing while maintaining excellent brand consistency across every marketing channel.

Restaurant Operators Empowered with Menu Pricing & More

For the quick service restaurant brand, allowing franchisees to customize menus and event materials with accurate regional pricing was a hugely complex task before CampaignDrive. The business division in charge of pricing and menus needed to field ordering requests from over 1,900 stores around the country, and when pricing information was updated they would have to issue a replacement all at once. It was clear to these marketers that the company needed a centralized place where franchisees could access and localize these all-important marketing materials.

With CampaignDrive in place, these restaurateurs will no longer have to worry if their menu price is right. CampaignDrive's content database is able to automatically feed up-to-date menu items, prices and caloric content information into beautifully designed menu templates that franchisees can order with a simple click.

Investment Advisors Add a Personal Touch to Marketing

In the wealth management industry, creating marketing that has a personalized message and relevant investment information is the cornerstone of effective investment relationships. At the wealth management company, the move to CampaignDrive was inspired by marketing requests coming in from the brand’s Registered Investment Advisors.

Providing a personalized touch in marketing to wealth management clients is crucial to business, so an easy-to-use tool for creating that personal touch was a major requirement going in. CampaignDrive now gives RIAs an easy way to add their own unique messages to every direct mail piece or email blast, plus it automates localized information like the RIA’s branch address and phone number so there’s no need to retype the same details over and over again.

Franchisees Focused on Business, Not Fighting Marketing Fires

Finally, with over 150 franchised locations across the US, the childhood educational company who just signed on with Pica9 needed multi-channel marketing materials to advertise the enrichment programs their franchisees are running. The platform’s ability to version creative from print ads to social media posts will allow franchisees to get all of their marketing for an entire month done in just a few minutes – a huge help when the everyday priority is making sure children and parents are getting a great all-around experience.

With all three of these new customers, the depth of CampaignDrive’s features was a decisive factor. Marketers and designers at these brands are uploading new assets and content almost every day, and CampaignDrive makes this day-to-day work easy. With InDesign Import they can install templates in seconds, and the platform's Real-time Reporting engine allows them to see which campaigns local marketers prefer instantly.

Momentum Building for CampaignDrive in 2017

The new customer acquisitions are a continuation of the momentum which CampaignDrive was building towards the end of 2016 and which has continued into the New Year.

Already in 2017 feature enhancements to digital templates and content management have strengthened the platform's capabilities in dynamic template customization. CampaignDrive was also included recently in Gartner’s Market Guide to Digital Asset Management as an example of Distributed DAM. The report is a landmark guide covering more than 15 leading DAM vendors in depth and categorizing the systems according to customer fit and feature depth.

Dominic Le Claire, Vice President of Sales, commented on the arrival of the new customers, “We’re so excited to welcome these fantastic brands to the CampaignDrive family. The platform is uniquely capable of meeting the needs of enterprises like these three, and we see this as continued proof that companies of this size are really looking for flexible SaaS solutions to their marketing challenges.” Meanwhile Pica9 Founder Kevin Groome said the recent series of positive announcements is "a testament to the hard work and commitment of the entire Pica9 and CampaignDrive team."

Find out more about what a great Distributed Marketing Platform does for these brands and others with our eBook: Distributed Marketing on Steroids.

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by Charles Groome

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