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Leverage brand power for local impact

CampaignDrive helps marketers and designers develop and distribute materials quickly, with support from experts who understand your business.


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Maximize your brand value

With CampaignDrive, global enterprises can maximize value for local marketing efforts with timely, relevant, and on-brand campaigns. Improve speed and responsiveness to local markets with proactive, flexible, and customizable assets, all while preserving brand equity and integrity.

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Digital asset management continues to gain the attention of marketers at large brands, which means marketing leaders need clarity on what types of solutions exist and how to use them to improve marketing…

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Develop, Distribute, Amplify

CampaignDrive enables enterprises to optimize workflows so marketers and executives can focus on more strategic initiatives like brand evolution. Empower your local partners and franchises to develop, distribute, and amplify on-brand materials.

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With 30 Brands and 5,700 properties, Marriott International needed a single, authoritative system to help ensure brand consistency and streamline creative production at the local level.

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Convert inefficiency to productivity

Marketers struggle to balance strategic demands from company headquarters. These demands often involve managing logistics, timing, and cost. With CampaignDrive, CEOs and CMOs enable their local affiliates to be self-sufficient in responding to local market forces, saving time and resources.

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Amplify local marketing impact

The ability to quickly develop and distribute brand assets is a challenge felt by local franchisees all over the world. Don’t sacrifice brand integrity due to these lack of resources. With CampaignDrive, vetted materials are available and customizable for any local market need that may arise.

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Training & Support

CampaignDrive is a strategic partner who understands your business and works in tandem with clients to leverage their brand power at all levels. From initial implementation, to ongoing strategic support, our Customer Success managers are here to help guide you to maximize your marketing efforts.

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