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Marriott manages brand voice globally with Pica9 and CampaignDrive.

With 18 brands and 3,600 properties, Marriott International needed a single, authoritative system to help ensure brand consistency and streamline creative production at the local level. Pica9 and CampaignDrive have paid off, with ROI topping $9 million annually.

The hotel company’s enterprise encompasses over 600 franchise management companies – each of which is responsible for reviewing and approving marketing communications activities created by personnel at the property(ies) it owns. Franchise management company holdings often span brand and region boundaries, adding complexity to both production workflow and the provision of access to digital assets such as photography, logos, and maps.

Recently, Marriott made a strategic decision to evolve from a “pan-brand” look in its advertising and marketing materials into a communications architecture that would include a distinct “brand voice” for each of its nine major brands. With Pica9’s CampaignDrive, the hotelier has been able to develop an enterprise-level brand management system for its entire global marketing network.

Marriott Digital Templates

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