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Marriott Manages Brand Voice Globally And Consistently With CampaignDrive

Over the last decade, Marriott has seen $9 million ROI annually due to brand consistency improvements.

Marriott partnered with CampaignDrive, developing formal processes to seamlessly communicate marketing initiatives between corporate and over 3,600 hotel properties around the world.

By streamlining marketing processes and assets, Marriott improved consistency, speed, efficiency and visibility across marketing campaigns and initiatives:

  • Local marketing teams create landing pages quickly and on-brand
  • Seamless integration with authoritative property data
  • Fast, reliable integration with Marriott’s enterprise DAM
  • Analytics at local, regional and global levels

Download the Marriott Case Study to learn how Marriott International leveraged one authoritative system to ensure brand consistency and streamline creative production at the local level.

Effectively Manage Multiple Enterprise Brands Across Thousands of Locations

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