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CampaignDrive is a cloud-based tool for national marketers and designers to deliver on-brand assets and amplify brand power in local markets.

  • Maximize Brand Power at All Levels
  • Create Marketing Materials in Minutes
  • Amplify Brand Integrity

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies can use this software?


Any organization with a local marketing need will benefit from CampaignDrive. From companies with only a few franchises to multinational corporations with thousands of locations around the globe, CampaignDrive ensures approved assets are ready to implement at the click of a button.

How long does it typically take to set up?


Our team of training and support experts will get your local marketing efforts off the ground quickly. We work as strategic partners with your brand to quickly rollout and launch CampaignDrive. Our system architects, template engineers, and customer success managers ensure a smooth onboarding and implementation process.

How self-service is CampaignDrive?


Our onboarding process ensures CampaignDrive users can become fully autonomous and self-service from the beginning. Users can immediately build and access templates. Our model enables local partners to execute and distribute personalized and vetted materials quickly and on-demand.

How many users can I have?


We work with companies and franchises from 150 to 2,500 users, including some of the largest hospitality and dining franchises in the United States today. We also offer customized pricing, so no matter the size of your organization, CampaignDrive can work to fit your growing business needs.