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Brand Value

CampaignDrive is a marketing automation platform that empowers global enterprises to maximize value for local marketing efforts with timely, relevant, and on-brand assets.

Brand value is paramount to organizational success and frequently differentiates established companies from newcomers in the market. It is built by telling a unique and compelling story that resonates with customers and addresses their needs.

Brand value is often synonymous with brand equity, a reference to how consumers perceive a brand. However, value is generated based on how much a consumer needs a company’s product and trusts the brand’s ability to deliver on their promise of excellence enough to become a repeat customer or introduce that brand to their friends or family.

Nearly 75% of consumers will choose to shop at a particular store based on brand recognition alone. Emerging brands should leverage marketing to build a following to compete with established brands for business.

Why is Brand Value Important

The most successful companies are the ones that instill a sense of comfort and reliability so customers know that they can expect every interaction to be of the same quality.

Companies with a strong brand value have a competitive edge in their respective markets. Leading enterprises have instantly recognizable logos, taglines, or appearances that resonates with their customers, which in turn helps to expand the business. Consumers feel a connection with companies who have strong brand value.

How to Increase Your Company's Brand Value

To ensure brand value, corporate and local marketing teams must collaborate to deliver the same brand experience every time. One way to create this is by building valuable, relevant content like tips or sources related to an offering that can engage potential new customers and introduce them to the brand.

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Increasing brand value is easier said than done. Enterprises that try to enter new markets with inconsistent messaging or branding will struggle to establish themselves and set themselves apart.

Creating a consistent brand message through visual design, tone, and messaging will increase a company’s potential of success when trying to establish a recognizable and trustworthy brand. Distributing on-brand assets developed at the corporate level for use in local markets is one of the easiest ways to ensure brand consistency in every location and amplify brand value.

CampaignDrive is a cloud-based tool that helps national organizations grow brand value by empowering designers to develop and distribute on-brand marketing assets that local partner or franchisees can personalize and use for campaigns in their communities.

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