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Local Marketing

While corporate marketing teams create a global strategy to establish their brand, franchises, branches, and affiliates must leverage local marketing to engage with potential consumers in the communities around them.

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing initiatives target consumers in the geographic location around a company's physical store, restaurant, or franchise. Utilizing local marketing is both beneficial for single sites and franchises.

Speaking directly to consumers in your geographic location helps boost brand equity to create loyalty, drive awareness, and encourages consumers to trust your brand. Cultivating this positive outlook results in repeat customers, multiple purchases, and referrals through word of mouth.

The Benefits of Local Marketing

At a corporate level, marketing teams focus on a nationwide or global strategy to grow and build their brand. National brand marketers typically don’t have the bandwidth to focus on a marketing strategy for their franchise locations and are often stuck managing endless field requests for digital assets, such as pamphlets, business cards, promotional postcards, menus and more.

Local marketing enables franchise branches of a national or global brand to create campaigns that focus on engaging with local customers to build brand awareness at a community-level with content personalized to local audiences.

Both online and offline local marketing campaigns drive growth and attract new nearby customers by enabling companies to send targeted, personalized messages to potential consumers depending on their community, socio-economic standing, or demographic.

The Challenges of Local Marketing

For large organizations, brand compliance is imperative. Companies must ensure that marketing teams at both the corporate and affiliate level are using consistent messaging for all campaigns. This includes using the same brand colors, fonts, and messaging across all strategies.

Without brand consistency, it can be difficult to create a cohesive marketing campaign that resonates with consumers. It’s likely that your brand and its values won’t stick out in consumers heads and they’ll choose to purchase from your competitors instead.

To effectively leverage local marketing, affiliates must be able to quickly build high-quality campaigns. However, for local affiliates, launching a timely marketing campaign that complies with corporate branding can be challenging.

Not only do they lack the resources to do so, but getting approval from corporate can be nearly impossible. Organizations are turning to local marketing management software to empower local affiliates to manage and launch their own campaigns at a local level.

Local Marketing Solutions

Local marketing solutions, like digital asset management software, equip corporate organizations with the tools they need to allow their local affiliates to launch local marketing campaigns.

Corporate designers can quickly produce and distribute approved asset templates to branches across the country. By allowing local affiliates to access to the management platform, they can easily edit the asset, add local messaging, and use the asset in their local marketing campaign while adhering to brand compliance guidelines and achieving a quick turnaround time.

All assets will include corporate branding, so customers have a clear understanding of your organization’s objectives at both a national and local level.

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a local marketing management platform built to help corporate organizations empower their affiliates to launch local marketing campaigns. With CampaignDrive, companies can quickly and efficiently create and distribute approved branded marketing assets to franchises nationwide, with support from experts who understand your business.
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