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DAM Software

CampaignDrive is a marketing platform and strategic partner for global business leaders who want to maximize their brand’s value for local impact. The platform enables marketers to be self-sufficient in responding to local market forces, saving time and money.

National brands need a way to manage their digital asset library for the rapid retrieval of files including promotional content, marketing assets, and branded videos. Often, assets are stored in many different locations an making consistency challenging to achieve for franchisees.

In some cases, files may even be misplaced or lost. This disorganization can lead to a fragmented branding effort and prevents your organization from achieving its goals. Digital asset management (DAM) software can save your brand the headache of sending mixed messages to customers.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software

DAM software is a secure tool that allows for asset-sharing among an organization’s stakeholders including corporate teams, local stores, designers, developers, and marketers. Previously, organizations would house all their assets in many different places making it difficult for local affiliates to get on the same page as the national brand. It also added to the challenge of producing successful marketing initiatives.

Local branches need immediate access to national marketing materials including brochures, flyers, posters, and videos for consistency in brand messaging. Digital asset management software centralizes all assets into a secure digital asset library where anyone in the organization with permission can access the files. As a result, stores do not have to spend as much on marketing efforts, and instead can reallocate resources to other areas of the business.

Using Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software for Marketing Campaigns

Through DAM, local franchises do not have to allocate resources toward large-scale marketing efforts. DAM software enables national brands to electronically distribute assets such as logos, fonts, colors, flyers, and brochures electronically to its local affiliates over a cloud platform.

Stores can reuse national marketing materials that can be customized to reflect their location. Many global retailers use DAM software to repurpose national marketing materials regionally to appeal to local customers.

DAM software makes maintaining brand compliance for local marketers easy since it ensures the proper brand messaging, colors, logos, and fonts are used throughout their campaigns. In addition, sales teams can use materials for leads to drive business.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software

Implementing digital asset management systems helps streamline the entire DAM process. Both national and local marketers in an organization can collaborate using the same assets for unified messaging. Here are some more ways your company can benefit from using DAM software:

  • Eliminate the chance of missing/lost files: Digital asset management software keeps your company’s assets organized saving valuable time and increasing productivity.
  • Accelerate creativity: Repurposing and reusing effective assets is a great way to expedite new marketing initiatives across the organization.
  • Centralized control: As mentioned before, different stakeholders all have access to the library through DAM software. 

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a cloud-based tool for national marketers to deliver on-brand messaging in local markets. The software centralizes assets for all of an organization’s stakeholders to access and collaborate on marketing or business materials, logos, fonts, videos, and other digital assets.

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