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Training and Support

We're a Partner for Growth

CampaignDrive offers more than marketing services; we are a strategic partner that can help you streamline and maximize brand value to increase sales, drive growth, and leverage the power of a global brand in a local market.

As a partner and collaborator, it is important to us that you receive the best training and support that is right for you with your initial rollout of CampaignDrive, and for all future needs as your company encounters new challenges and opportunities.

Our software can be as self-service as you'd like, we can train you and hand off the keys, or support you fully day-to-day. Matching our software and services to best fit your needs.

Our Training & Support Services Include:

Comprehensive On-Boarding and Implementation Support

System Architects

To guide you through the setup of brand architecture and user roles and responsibilities

Template Engineers

To import marketing templates and help with key content management decisions

Customer Success Managers

To fine-tune brand-specific user tutorials and help menu content

Brand Marketer Support

Named Success Managers to help you meet marketing objectives by

  • Providing best practices and expertise
  • Workflow and process optimization as it applies to local marketing management
  • Reviewing system metrics
  • Overseeing support issues
  • Optimizing use of training resources
  • Scheduling special service requests
  • Conducting administrator training

Field Marketer Training

End-user tutorials tailored to your brand

  • Live trainings
  • Custom video tutorials
  • Static training guides and help content

Product Support

CampaignDrive expertise by phone or email

  • Enable end-users to complete key tasks like document creation, downloads, and Print-on-Demand orders
  • Facilitate administrators and designers in managing the CampaignDrive configuration and creative implementation process
  • Guide users to the resources needed to get their questions answered
  • Troubleshoot product challenges and educate end-users to overcome those challenges


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