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March 23, 2015

JPEGs to GIFs to TIFs, oh my!

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File ConversionsWith CampaignDrive's new feature Asset File Conversions, administrators will be able to upload a single high resolution image to their image library, and give users the ability to download that image in any one of a number of different file types.

Now when users click to download certain image assets, they will see several conversion options. Users will have access to original high quality art files (EPS, PSD, etc.) and the option to download the version they need automatically. When appropriate, they will also be able to input their new desired pixel dimensions (down-res only).

These new download options are available to users from both the Search Results page and the Asset Information page.

Images that have rights managed documentation (Usage Rights) will now automatically download as a zip file containing both the converted asset and its rights document.


by Charles Groome

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