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Improve Campaigns With Visibility Into Performance


Are you having difficulty comparing and contrasting campaigns because they aren't sourced from a single platform?

Reporting Highlights

Analyze, collaborate, optimize and reuse brand creative with access to powerful reporting tools including:

Summary of marketing campaigns and creative across all locations provides full visibility into popular campaigns, introducing inspiration into other markets and enabling duplication of successful campaigns.
Analyze campaigns year-over-year to understand and analyze transaction volume over time.
User Logins
Understand logins and usage across locations, recognize top and bottom performers, and create benchmarks for success.
Dashboards and Graphs
Data is represented in multiple formats including dashboards, lists and graphs, to enable visual and comparative analysis.
Export reports into multiple formats including CSV and images, to share, present, and combine with other data for additional analysis, and predictive intelligence.

Reuse Campaigns That Work. Eliminate Campaigns That Don't.

Analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and plan for future campaigns based on data. CampaignDrive makes it easy to identify popular campaigns across each location or region. In minutes, repurpose campaigns or recommend campaigns to other affiliates in different demographic locales or regions.
The Local Marketing Playbook
Is inconsistent branding across locations negatively impacting the customer experience and your company's bottom line?

Our landing page generator is a game changer for our local marketing teams. It makes them more nimble and responsive — and saves tons of cash at the same time!

De Vere hotels are unique, each distinctive in its own way. CampaignDrive empowers each property to build creative around their unique

It has been great to see the growth in the portal month to month, and wouldn’t be possible without the help from the entire CampaignDrive team.

The software has everything we need to provide brand approved material to our franchise system. It is easy to utilize for all skill levels and is a perfect match for our growing franchise needs.

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Meghan D, Senior Content Strategist at Marriott International
James P, Director of Marketing at De Vere Hotels
Nikki Nielson, Team Lead at Polaris
Karen G, Senior Graphic Designer at Wellbiz Brands, Inc.
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