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The Local Marketing Playbook (Tools and Templates)

Templates, Campaigns, and Tools for Multi-Location Brands to Become Local Marketing Champions

The Local Marketing Playbook unlocks creative new ways to implement local marketing that drives more traffic to your stores and boosts sales.

Brand managers can use this playbook to get new ideas for tactics and tools to enable local marketers, and local marketers will find new inspiration for campaigns and execution methods.

local marketing playbook

Inside You'll Find:

  • Effective campaign examples and creative template ideas for your industry
  • Useful tools to help execute marketing on a local level
  • Strategies for both brand managers and local marketers for “winning” local marketing plays

Get the playbook and boost your local marketing efforts!


As the play callers of the branding world, brand managers need a strategy that puts them in control of local marketing and helps them tackle brand inconsistency and marketing inefficiency. In this ready-to-use playbook, you’ll find ideas and tips for running the best local marketing your brand has ever seen. You’ll have access to the campaigns, templates and assets that highly-effective brand managers use to build brand equity and empower local marketers. Discover the winning plays that will help you maximize your budget and propel your brand to the top of its game.