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By Charles Groome on March 23, 2015

Print Still Isn't Dead

A recent Wall Street Journal article put print inserts front and center.  The piece, which was about the endurance of newspaper circulars in the age of digital advertising, brings attention to something we at Pica9 have known for a while. Print isn't going anywhere.

Just as with any kind of new media, there's displacement at first, but eventually the mix finds a new equilibrium, with room enough for all the pieces. It's clear that though digital has opened up new frontiers when it comes to reach, there are some areas in which nothing can beat good fashioned print advertising. For a longer read on where we think print is headed, and how it fits into your marketing mix, download our white paper on The Surprising Durability of Print.

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Published by Charles Groome March 23, 2015
Charles Groome