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February 19, 2014

Global Auto Manufacturer Chooses Pica9 Platform

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Pica9, a leading provider of local marketing automation (LMA) systems for major brands, today announced that a major global auto manufacturer selected Pica9 as its LMA provider.

“We’re very excited to be playing an increasingly significant role in the automotive industry, where sanctity of brand and dealer specification are of a singular and particularly nuanced importance,” says Kevin Groome, President and CEO of Pica9.

This auto manufacturer came to Pica9 in early 2013, looking for an everything-in-one marketing system that was complex enough to meet their demands, but intuitive enough for any local marketer to use. The company quickly took steps to work with Pica9 in creating a sophisticated, multi-level platform which could handle the amount of brands and users that the company needed.

“CampaignDrive is well suited to this client because it’s a platform that can handle both the volume of marketing of materials, and the levels of precision and care for which the automotive industry is known,” says Groome.

The platform is currently in the implementation stage, with certain brands already having gone live.


by Charles Groome

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