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By Charles Groome on May 13, 2014

A DAM Good Time

PictureLast week Pica9 attended Henry Stewart DAM's New York conference.

There was some nice variety among this year's attendees, and we found we learned as much from chats during coffee breaks, as we did from the talks themselves. We're happy to have gotten the opportunity to meet so many interesting people in worlds of technology and marketing—and to run into a few old friends, as well. Special thanks to everyone who participated in our Dance-Off!!

Multi-channel integration was a huge topic of interest this year, which was fitting, given that our theme for the event was The Agile Asset Manager.

Some notes we took down during the talks:

  • The key to success is not necessarily in superiority of product, but in ease of integration.
  • Customers care most that their tools work well and quickly together.
  • Relevance, or context-specific information is going to become an increasingly important component of Experience Management.
  • Responsive Content goes along with Responsive Design. Yes, your layout should adapt to the type of device used to reach your page, but so should the information provided.

We had a great time, as always, and look forward to returning next year!


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Published by Charles Groome May 13, 2014
Charles Groome