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January 12, 2017

Digital Asset Management Software Reviews for 2017

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Local marketing solutions help local affiliates, and corporate brand marketers work together cohesively. Local marketing targets communities around a specific store, restaurant, or location with the goal of engaging local customers.

Facilitating this type of marketing is simple when there is one store or restaurant, but when the branch is part of a franchise network that must adhere to national or corporate guidelines, on-brand marketing can become complicated.

Local affiliates work on the day-to-day operations at a location, and corporate teams work on a holistic view of the brand. How can these two come together to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a personalized, local approach and an overall brand identity?

Luckily, there are local marketing solutions that enable local marketers, who are at the franchise or affiliate level, to align with the national brand management teams, who are typically at the company’s headquarters.

Case study

Marriott manages brand voice globally with Pica9 and CampaignDrive.

Who Needs Local Marketing Solutions?

The role of corporate marketing teams is to focus on their national or global audience, so they can’t also run local campaigns in hundreds or even thousands of franchises. That is why local affiliates are critical in harnessing the power of the national brand and delivering compelling campaigns to their communities.

A significant issue local affiliates of major brands have is that they lack the knowledge or resources needed to execute world-class marketing on their own. While they have a strong understanding of the community around them and know how to engage with a local audience and excite them about the locale, they may lack marketing proficiency or the bandwidth to create and manage brand compliant communications or campaigns.

Corporate marketing teams, on the other hand, are not on the ground in each locale, so they lack the insight and knowledge of what will resonate in local communities.

Blog Article

3 Tips to Create More Authentic Local Marketing in 2018

The best way to solve these problems is through local marketing solutions.

Local marketing solutions, like CampaignDrive by Pica9 and local marketing automation, maximize brand value with timely, relevant assets for local partners. With CampaignDrive, corporate marketing teams no longer have to worry about brand equity across all franchises, because local marketing solutions enable a cohesive relationship and marketing strategy.


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