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Guide to Distributed Digital Asset Management

Get The Official Market Guide to Distributed Digital Asset Management with Original Research from Gartner, Inc.

Digital asset management continues to gain the attention of marketers at large brands, which means marketing leaders need clarity on what types of solutions exist and how to use them to improve marketing performance.

Guide to Distributed DAM

This Guide Explains:

  • The types of digital asset management systems that brands can purchase
  • How different vendors compare in terms of functionality, customer-fit, and size
  • What marketers at distributed brands should be looking for in Distributed DAM systems

The Market Guide for Distributed Digital Asset Management – featuring research from Gartner – introduces the new category of Distributed DAM and explains how these systems enable marketers to scale brand-compliant marketing to their agents, dealers and franchise networks.

Access the complete guide from Gartner, Inc.


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James P, Director of Marketing at De Vere Hotels
Meghan D, Senior Content Strategist at Marriott International
Reuben Cowan, Front-End Developer @ Twitter
Karen G, Senior Graphic Designer at Wellbiz Brands, Inc.
Joanne K, US Marketing Manager at Adecco North America