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Roles and Permissions

Provide administrators the tools to monitor roles and permissions

CampaignDrive’s robust and powerful administration capabilities enable teams to set roles and permissions for each member of their organization. We ensure security and consistency over every content and digital asset in your organization’s system.

Flexible permission settings

CampaignDrive is a tool that allows administrators to monitor and regulate what users access each asset in your organization. This flexibility provides maximum security and efficiency for companies.


Multiple registration options

Managing access to CampaignDrive is simple. We allow users to register for access in a variety of ways, register themselves, require registration approval, or pre-register with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Co-op budget management

Establish budgets for local marketers and review spending across each affiliate.


CampaignDrive enables flexibility and scalability for any industry.

Our roles and permission are customizable and as simple or complex as your organization requires. We allow access to specific users and can support multinational enterprises.

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