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Our platform supports your current business applications.

From Single Sign-On (SSO) to Digital Asset Management (DAM), CampaignDrive connects and integrates with various business systems to simplify all of your marketing initiatives.

To improve efficiency and communication, systems need to connect and deploy across entire organizations. Our integrations streamline internal marketing initiatives and ensure efficient and rapid content and digital asset sharing.

Our integrations support:

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Easily provide access to brand assets and connect your existing DAM system to CampaignDrive.


Single Sign-On (SS0)

Pre-register users with Single Sign-On (SSO).

Email & Web Hosting

Integrate email and landing page templates with content delivery partners and thrive in the multi-channel marketing world.


On-Demand Print

Connect your print fulfillment system, whether you work with one or many, for reliable on-demand printing.

Data Services

Integration of databases to upload external information such as locations, titles and legal information.


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Collaborate with us to grow and increase your brand impact. We’ll help you determine how CampaignDrive can best help you meet and exceed your marketing needs.

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