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January 11, 2017

Pica9 Welcomes Four SaaS Experts to Management Team

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At Pica9, the Management Team is an important source of creativity, a driving force for continuous innovation and a guiding hand in everything we do as a company. There's a reason we call our leadership corps a collection of "marketing innovators and SaaS experts" dedicated to improving the world of local marketing.

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of four new members of that prestigious group. All four of them exhibit the ideals we have set forward for ourselves and the company as a whole, and each brings invaluable experience to the organization that will help our vision continue to grow.

Each of our new leaders brings extensive SaaS experience to Pica9 and CampaignDrive. Their experience will be valuable across the entire company and everything we do: from Sales & Marketing to Product Development. With targets for increased growth for the product and company over the coming year, each of these new team members will be instrumental in delivering the promise that CampaignDrive holds for our customers and employees, and transforming local marketing automation into the indispensable marketing technology that brands everywhere depend on.

New Management Hires Add Further Experience to Senior Leadership

Dominic Le Claire has been named the new Vice President of Sales. Dominic brings more than 20 years sales and marketing experience to Pica9, including over 7 years in local marketing automation. His prior SaaS and management experience will help to install disciplined sales methodologies to help the Sales team reach its growth objectives.

Tiffany Ogren is the new Vice President of Customer Success. Tiffany’s 10 years of experience in the MarTech industry gives her a wealth of knowledge about SaaS best practices and customer engagement. She has previously been with email marketing provider iContact, where she was honored for her work on major accounts.

Aner Fust will be taking over as Vice President of Product Development. With more than a decade of programming experience, Aner’s understanding of Agile Development principles is a huge asset to the team. His objective as VP of Product Development will be to grow the development culture while consistently delivering exceptional features into CampaignDrive.

Julia Chellew-Glick has been named as the new Controller. Having worked for Nomad Financial, as well as the founder of her own consulting practice, Julia will be responsible for overseeing disciplined accounting for the entire organization to maintain the company’s track record of financial strength.

The company is also excited to announce that Rachel Berman has moved into a new position as Vice President of Product Management. Rachel's five years' experience in Customer Success at Pica9 give her unique insight into the marketing priorities of multi-location brands. She will work closely with the entire Product Team to deliver innovative features to CampaignDrive that drive value for our customers.

Pica9 Continues Expansion Plans with New Career Opportunities

With a track record of performance, and an increasing number of new customers being brought on board, the Pica9 team is also growing to keep pace with our successes. We're looking for talented individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds who are ready to revolutionize the local marketing industry and deliver world-class marketing technology to our customers.

Going into the New Year, Pica9 is committed to continuing the positive growth that we have seen over the past two years. An increasing number of news and press reports about CampaignDrive demonstrate how the product is making waves in the MarTech space.

In the past few months the product has been included in a number of prestigious rankings for top marketing software. Most notably, in November Gartner included CampaignDrive in their recently published Market Guide to Digital Asset Management. This report also coined the category of Distributed DAM which include DAM systems like CampaignDrive that are specifically designed to help multi-location brands improve local marketing consistency and effectiveness.

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by Charles Groome

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