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By Parris Johnson on May 03, 2018

What Is Brand Compliance?

In local marketing, having consistent and compliant brand messaging plays an integral role in overall customer experience.

A company’s brand embodies the promise to fulfill their mission statement for customers. By delivering an inconsistent brand experience, a company runs the risk of alienating their customers. When this happens, customer perception and reputability of the company suffers.

Buyers want to know that when they engage with a company anywhere in the world, the quality, services, and products of that company will be reliable and exceptional.

The Importance of Brand Compliance

Brand compliance is the methodology businesses utilize when creating messaging, to ensure that the message doesn’t negate or stray from the business's core brand standards, values, and visual identity.

Proper brand compliance means delivering consistent messaging in regional and local campaigns by ensuring:

  • Brand look and feel remain consistent
  • Use only approved fonts or logos
  • Messaging uses the same tone across platforms

Without brand consistency, it becomes increasingly difficult for your audience to validate the credibility of your messaging. Do all of your brand elements hold a consistent look and feel? Does your consumer experience live up to your messaging?

Brand compliance is the key to brand success. Lacking consistency in branding can come across as unprofessional and careless and can negatively impact your organization. A consistent customer experience combined with integrated marketing efforts will result in higher conversion rates, elevated brand awareness, and consumers putting trust in your brand.

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A useful means of establishing brand compliance is with local marketing automation software like CampaignDrive by Pica9. CampaignDrive is a marketing solution which empowers marketers to leverage brand power for local impact. Create marketing communications in minutes, collaborate with local partners to develop and distribute consistent assets and increase the value of your local marketing initiatives, all in one software.

CampaignDrive combines SaaS with insights from in-house industry experts who are always available to work with users to develop and innovate their marketing strategy.

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Published by Parris Johnson May 3, 2018
Parris Johnson