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April 29, 2013

Social Media without the Headache – It IS Possible

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If you’re like most brand managers you’re itching to get your message out on your social channels, but justifiably nervous - and rightly so. With your local marketers enthusiastic about using the social media system – a broadly uncontrolled method of communication- blasting social media messages can be a gamble when unmonitored.

Who is doing the social media outreach for your brand? It’s likely you have a large network of local field marketers – are they all posting the same updates? How are you ensuring your targeted local markets are getting news pertinent to their interests?

Are you protecting your brand’s social presence? With a large field community that has the ability to go public with a brand message at any second, how are you protecting yourself?

These are issues Pica9 sees and addresses on a daily basis – so how do we solve for this and how can you? We’re creating ways for major brands and their local marketers to tap into the power of social in ways that are coordinated, disciplined and sensitive to the diversity of your field community.

We deliver two tools to help manage the concern, and minimize the risk, of a brand message being published without the proper permission. Using CampaignDrive3’s social media campaign tools, local field marketers can publish brand-approved messages with the power to regionalize these. While your target market in Chicago might want to hear about your pop up stand at Wrigley field, your customers in Madison, Wisconsin certainly aren’t going to care.

CD3 allows for appropriately targeted and posted messages by specific region, each tailored to that local market. Want to know how successful these are? The power to monitor adoptions of those messages by local marketers is also within your grasp using CD3’s social media campaign management tool. These tools give your local marketers controlled and defined access to a global publishing environment and give you a controlled overview as an administrator.

Ready to take it one step further? You can set up an approval loop to more efficiently police a channel that until recently has been largely uncontrolled. Our tool allows local marketers to propose brand message content that managers can approve on the spot. The swift and simple one way process eliminates the tedious back and forth usually involved in getting brand-level messages out to the public. We like to think of this as a social media suggestion box that’s open 24 hours a day.

We’re seeing thousands of social media suggestions a day that are being fielded by brand managers, and the overall goal that these social media management tools achieves is to help brand managers upgrade the brand website to be more current and engaging – in as painless and efficient a way as possible.

Want to see these social media tools in action? Visit our social page to get more answers, or simply get a demo of our tools.


by Kevin Groome

Founder, CampaignDrive

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