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By Kevin Groome on May 10, 2013

Pica9 Welcomes WellBiz Brands into the Family

Today Pica9 publicly announced its partnership with, and win of, WellBiz Brands Inc. - one of the largest health and wellness franchise organizations in the nation. The acquisition of WellBiz Brands’ franchise brands, Elements Therapeutic Massage and Fitness Together, marks yet another acquisition in the health industry for Pica9, which has recently seen a sharp uptake in their clientele joining the ranks of their cloud-based platform.

Pica9’s local marketing automation platform supports over 50 franchise brands and 150,000 local marketers in producing their daily marketing collateral using Pica9’s enterprise class platform CampaignDrive3.

“WellBiz is happy to have finally found a solution that combines marketing efficiency with our need for maintaining brand integrity and design flexibility. We’re excited to see how the CampaignDrive platform will allow us the strategic edge to market more nimbly in such a fast-moving environment,“ says Jaime A. Vasquez, Executive Vice President and CMO, WellBiz Brands, INC.

Both parties are eager to begin the new alliance - Pica9’s CEO recently gave a statement commending the partnership as well;

“We’re just thrilled to be working with the WellBiz family, an entity that dedicates itself to the efficiency of its Elements Therapeutic Massage and Fitness Together franchise systems and the integrity of its brands. We’re looking forward to aligning with brands that support values so closely matched with those that Pica9 embodies,” added Kevin Groome, CEO of Pica9.


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Published by Kevin Groome May 10, 2013
Kevin Groome