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By Charles Groome on October 22, 2014

Who Doesn't Love An Upgrade?

CampaignDrive 4 is officially live--and the reviews are in!

Roll-out of the platform began earlier this month, and is expected to continue through the new year.
To-date over 50% of CampaignDrive clients have been successfully upgraded, and the feedback on the release has been incredible!

CD4 has already had a dramatic impact on both platform user-adaption (as much as 150% in a single month!) and system scalability.

Clients are able to schedule their release at their convenience, allowing for minimal interruption in their marketing schedule. Training sessions for all system administrators are hosted weekly, and user-training sessions are available upon request.

Visit PR Newswire for the full announcement.


The Local Marketing Playbook

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Published by Charles Groome October 22, 2014
Charles Groome