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By Kevin Groome on August 21, 2013

Pica9 Introduces Theme Manager

Theme ManagementToday Pica9 released yet another new feature for their CampaignDrive™ Marketing Asset Management Platform. The addition of Theme Manager and Color Selector to the system now gives users the ability to self-customize the look and feel of the CampaignDrive interface.

Theme Manager enables the quick styling of logos and brand colors giving local marketers, designers, and sales professionals the power to update the look and feel of CampaignDrive in just a few clicks.

With the first CampaignDrive™ customers already adopting Theme Manager, the tool has been well received and widely praised as the catalyst to producing customized and self-managed brand themes.

The flexibility of Theme Manager’s color selector strikes a harmonious balance for both sales professionals and experienced designers alike. For the time-pressed, novice designer a point-and-click color wheel allows for instant and hassle-free color selection while the dual ability to self-enter both hex and RGB values provides a deeper layer of controlled customization for more advanced users to quickly exact-match color to brand standards.

Perhaps the most notable achievement of Theme Manager is that it now facilitates the graphic design process by a marketing or administrative resource and enables self-styling of elements that previously required time from a graphic designer. The process of updating visual elements that used to take up to two hours can now be done in just a few minutes, resulting in valuable cost and time-savings.


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Published by Kevin Groome August 21, 2013
Kevin Groome