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By Kevin Groome on June 17, 2013

CampaignDrive3™ Revamps.

Today Pica9 publicly announced the addition of over a dozen new features to its local marketing automation platform, CampaignDrive3. The substantial feature release marks an important milestone for the software company that’s been experiencing an unprecedented rate of growth over the past 12 months.

“This robust release serves as an indicator not only to our clients but to ourselves of the significant advances Pica9 has been experiencing so far this year, and that we foresee ourselves continuing to experience. Our development team is producing an outstanding product at an even more outstanding rate,” said Kevin Groome, President of Pica9, Inc.

Document Generation Adopts 5 New Features

Energized with improved print fidelity under its wings, Pica9 is offering its users an upgraded composition experience with enhanced styling buttons and over print features. In response to client requests the team has resolved existing issues in Print Customization as well as added some bold new features of their own devise.

Template Compose has seen an upgrade in the finesse of dynamic sizing during customization for print-specific campaigns like direct mail and print advertising. With the launch of Dynamic Sizing “transforms” the sizing function within Print Composition has gone through a drastic evolution and emerged in time for heavy production season looking all the more mature.

Transforms allow for refined crop positions, advanced proportional scaling, and precise alignment dictations. The improved accuracy “transforms” brings to dynamic sizing implies “a step forward not only for what we’re now able to offer in terms of Print Production precision within CampaignDrive3, but a step forward in product development itself and the long way dynamic sizing has travelled in automated systems today.” - Rich Jones, Vice President of Application Development adds that “the ability to harness mastery of each template element to such a precise level in the context of print customization bestows a level of control to composers we’ve really never seen before.”

Composition Capabilities – Precision, Placement, Progress.

Along with increased print fidelity, CampaignDrive has spruced up its composition capabilities with faster, easier, higher performance image selection.

CD3 Ready for its Close Up - Introducing ZOOM.

Many of the latest feature releases were focused on CampaignDrive’s core. A central- and one of the most highly touted modules of the platform– the Template Composition studio, has been bestowed with multiple enhancements for this feature roll out.

Template composers using CampaignDrive are now enjoying a flexible zoom capability within the design studio that’s been added to achieve a greater degree of precision in both logo and image cropping as well as placement of these components after upload. To offer users an even more advanced level of composition precision, upgrades have been added to the element-locking feature and CD3 has added a host of advanced content management tools to its already extensive toolkit.

Also joining the ranks of composition upgrades in this release are an improved Image Auto-Display and more accurate visual element selections.

Asset Management

A brand new set of features wouldn’t be complete without paying some attention to Brand Library™ - the favorite place of Pica9 users to play with their assets. The process is now a whole lot more fun, and easy, thanks to the addition of Multi-Category Assignment, which allows an asset to be assigned to multiple categories simultaneously.

What’s the use of having more asset categories and no one to share them with? Lightbox™ sharing feature also got a boost now giving asset recipients the ability to download low-res versions of whatever gets sent their way.

Next In Season – Reporting

In case Zoom and Dynamic Sizing Transforms aren’t enough to keep users on their toes- Pica9’s recent feature release has managed to polish up the CampaignDrive system further with the addition of more refined search capabilities at the template level and the introduction of full visual graph reporting.

Users can expect to see a host of updated functionalities continue to pepper the platform over the coming months.


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Published by Kevin Groome June 17, 2013
Kevin Groome