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November 22, 2010

Closing the Deal: Do your sales people have the tools they need to follow-up on leads?

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As marketers, we spend a great deal of time positioning our products and services and getting consumers in the virtual or physical door. However, consumers who already have a tendency to “shop around” when making considered purchases are increasingly empowered by the wealth of information at their fingertips, making the sales persons’ job even more difficult. So what happens when that customer walks away before your sales force can seal the deal?

Ideally, our sales people follow up with all perspective consumers, especially if the sales person is compensated based on performance. But perhaps your brand, like so many of our clients, has thousands of salespeople all over the world. How do you make sure they are all making the most of potential leads, ensuring that the follow-up process is executed timely and appropriately?

Before an organization can expect widespread consistency amongst their global sales force, they must establish an accessible follow-up campaign management system that encourages user adoption. Automation technology is one way to help your sales force create consumer-focused, customized dealer-driven or automatically deployed follow-up campaign materials like call scripts to postcards and emails.

Automating the procedure encourages your sales force to follow up with prospective customers by eliminating the guesswork and simplifying the process, which in turn, increases the rate at which leads turn into actual sales. The long-term benefits of collecting sales force and consumer data are immense, as you can constantly update and improve the system and test new ideas.

Does your company have a system for follow-up campaign management? How do you make the most of your local sales force and maintain brand integrity? Click here to request a demo


by Kevin Groome

Founder, CampaignDrive

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