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By CampaignDrive on July 18, 2017

Best Digital Asset Management Vendors for Enterprise Brands

When digital assets are poorly managed, wasted time, money, and effort can put a strain on any marketing team's budget, and unfortunately this a common theme among enterprise brands. By working with digital asset management vendors, enterprise brands can begin to optimize the creation and use of content, saving valuable time and resources in the process.

As the number of people in an organization increases, the number of digital media assets needed for marketing, sales and external communications grows exponentially. Brand managers for enterprise brands need to deal with these large volumes of digital assets across numerous business locations.

Managing terabytes of images, print ads, web content, emails and other forms of marketing assets isn't easy. These enterprise organizations need robust digital media asset management processes and tools to keep their data organized, make searching for media assets easy, and to shorten the time it takes to produce content.

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Many of the most significant barriers to managing digital media assets effectively are related to the volume of data, the number of stakeholders involved, and the security of digital content. True enterprise-wide distributed DAM software are likely to offer robust features that include large amounts of storage volume, security, advanced discovery features and single master records of assets.

Top 6 Digital Asset Management Vendors For Enterprise Brands

To be clear, these digital asset management vendors are not marketing-specific software, but true enterprise digital asset managements, designed to cover the full scope of digital asset management needs for an enterprise. Brand managers and marketing leaders are more likely to evaluate a marketing-focused software, as they need tools that relate to marketing content use and go beyond the other functionality of digital asset management like storage, security, and access.

1. ADAM Software

Since 2006, ADAM Software has offered a comprehensive “smart content hub” designed to meet the digital asset management needs of the largest enterprises. ADAM's feature set includes broad support for different file types, multi-language translation, the ability to annotate digital assets and extensive rights management capabilities.

Enterprise organizations that have made ADAM part of their content development cycle include Lego, Ikea, and the Home Depot. Generally, these companies use the platform to store the thousands of files their designers and content marketers need to find and use every day in different campaigns and contexts.

2. Cognizant assetSERV

Cognizant's enterprise digital asset management tool, assetSERV, is designed to "help enterprises manage end‑to‑end content lifecycles." Key features of assetSERV include sophisticated cataloging, customizable metadata, faster discovery, content distribution engines, collaboration tools and the ability to integrate with a number of other tools. The tool is designed as a cloud-based "asset management as a service" platform, enabling seamless access for global enterprise clients.

3. Media Beacon

Media Beacon is an enterprise digital asset management tool described as one of the more "flexible" options in its class. With a focus on brand management for centralized corporations, Media Beacon's technology allows brands to create "seamless omni-channel experiences" with a focus on consistency. Features include master media asset versioning and sensitive versioning. Clients of Media Beacon include Buckwear, Showtime, and Transcontinental – all brands that benefit from having one system that can handle multiple media formats, like digital and video.

4. OpenText

OpenText Media Management is designed to act as a central enterprise hub for "rich media management," for marketing, sales, communications and all other aspects of an enterprise organization's assets. The "simple yet powerful" user interface facilitates fast search and file access through automated metadata tagging.

Additional features include rights management and publishing platforms. Clients include AAA Northern California, AGFA Healthcare, and the U.S. Air Force. With a background in the WCM/CMS industries, OpenText is also a hallmark of web-based digital asset strategies for these kinds of companies.

5. SAS

SAS Marketing Operations Management contains a "digital asset manager" software designed to meet the needs of even the largest enterprises. This software suite is a modular suite of readily-integrated software products. These include: product version control, the ability to structure an asset library, remote cataloging, and flexible access control. Clients of SAS include Lenovo, Bank of America, and the World Wildlife Federation.

6. Adobe

Adobe Experience Manager is a digital media asset management vendor with digital asset management tools designed to fit into a team's existing processes and workflows, while acting as a centralized repository for an enterprises' digital assets. Among enterprise digital asset managements, Adobe's most unique feature has to be the native integration with the Creative Cloud tools which only they can really provide.

This brings the added value that design teams can stay involved in the tools they use every day, and don't always have to break process/workflow to find the asset they need. Other features include search and metadata management, dynamic media support, and the ability to provide personalized media experiences to global audiences of customers.

Best Digital Asset Management Vendor for Enterprise Marketing

The above six enterprise digital asset management vendors are great for keeping corporate files in check, but when it comes to delivering enterprise marketing and design specific tools and functionalities, CampaignDrive is an ideal marketing solutions vendor for many enterprise and multi-location brands.

CampaignDrive by Pica9 is a distributed marketing platform that goes above and beyond digital asset management to provide franchise and enterprise brands a holistic approach to marketing management. Our experts understand the bridge between corporate and local marketing goals, behaviors, needs, and objectives and created our product to align those pains and values. 

To learn more about how CampaignDrive outperforms all of these digital asset management vendors when it comes to enterprise marketing, request a demo today! Or check out how the Marriott hotel chain leveraged CampaignDrive to manage digital assets across their enterprise.

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Published by CampaignDrive July 18, 2017