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November 14, 2018

5 Branding Blogs You Don't Want To Miss

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Strong branding can result in increased customer recognition, brand awareness, and a competitive advantage within your market.


Having consistent and powerful branding should be a priority for small and large businesses alike. There are seemingly endless benefits of building and maintaining a strong brand, including increased customer recognition, increased credibility and customer loyalty, and even having a competitive edge in your respective market. With that in mind, blogs can serve as excellent sources of information for anyone interested in creating their own brand, or simply want to deepen their knowledge on branding. We searched the internet far-and-wide, so you won’t have to. Here are 5 blogs on branding that you don’t want to miss.


1. Sticky Branding

Primarily a strategic branding and business development firm, Sticky Branding has consistently created content intended to assist you in growing your brand and improving your sales for the past decade. Focused primarily on small and medium-sized businesses, the staff over at Sticky Branding has done extensive research on what branding strategies make companies stand out, increase revenue, and expand their brands.

Founding the firm in 2005, Jeremy Miller has consulted and profiled a multitude of companies across a large variety of industries. Lucky for us, their expertise serves as an ample and available resource for developing marketing and branding that can drive the engagement you always wanted.


2. Branding Strategy Insider

Unveiling the strategies and habits of the prominent leaders who are defining modern brand leadership and industry standards, Branding Strategy Insider is widely recognized by marketers and thought leaders alike as the paramount source of revolution, motivation, and awareness.

As a subscriber, you’re provided the opportunity to attain valuable perspective into the industry that is shaping brand management today. Content topics typically include brand storytelling, brand architecture, brand licensing, building emotional connections with the consumer, and the consumer experience. Enjoy!


3. Personal Branding Blog

Now this is a slight change of direction - personal branding. The Personal Branding Blog proposes advice in multiple areas, including entrepreneurship, networking, career, and management. Dan Schawbel, creator of Personal Branding Blog, alongside his staff, curate and promote content (blogs, as well as expert interviews, podcasts, and games) that can help you attain an advantage in the marketplace.


4. Brand Channel

Brand Channel is an award winning branding resource, hosting content such as journalist analysis, Q&A’s with industry leaders, original news, and outside contributions. As an autonomous and unique voice, Brand Channel supports communication and exchange of expertise from the leading practitioners in the branding industry.


5. World Branding Forum

The World Branding Forum has set a mission to push branding industry standards forward for the good of not only the consumer, but for the good of the industry as well. As a registered non-profit, the forum aims to progress the education and skills of everyone in the branding industry, as well as related industries such as public relations, advertising, and design.

A strong brand is pivotal to an organization’s success, and brand compliance is pivotal to a brand’s success. A digital asset management platform is another resource that corporations typically utilize to assure brand compliance and minimize risk. For more information on DAM software, click here. 


by Parris Johnson

Content Marketing Strategist at CampaignDrive by Pica9.

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