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August 28, 2018

5 Articles Your Local Marketing Team Wishes They Read

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5 Resources To Improve Your Local Marketing Strategy


How effective is your business’ local marketing strategy? Are you seeing increased website traffic thanks to effective search engine optimization? Are you leaving print collateral with other local businesses in order to raise brand advocacy and awareness? Do you even have a local marketing strategy? Check out these articles and make sure that your business is getting the most value out of their local marketing. 

  1. First and foremost, let’s start with the basics. From content marketing practices to establishing and enforcing brand standards, there are seemingly endless elements to be considered within a local marketing strategy. As overwhelming as this can seem, it doesn’t have to be. Check out What CMOs Need to Know About Local Marketing in 2018.

  2. Your organization likely already has a marketing strategy in place.. you may even have some local marketing tactics in effect, but are you getting the most of your marketing efforts? Brands should make it a priority to optimize their marketing efforts in order to deliver the most impactful local marketing as possible. With the correct approach, multi-location brands can make this process more effective and distribute targeted marketing messages quickly. Click here to read the 5 Local Marketing Tactics To Help Franchises Achieve Explosive Growth in 2018 as well as the Top 3 Marketing Optimization Tips to Boost Customer Engagement.

  3. In local marketing, having consistent and compliant brand messaging plays an integral role in the overall customer experience. Without brand compliance, an organization runs the risk of alienating their customers. When the consumer experience is inconsistent with that company’s branding, the perception of the company suffers. Read How to Make Brand Compliance Easy for Local Marketers to ensure your brand standards are being implemented effectively throughout your network.

  4. No matter how big or small your marketing strategy, brand compliance is always pivotal to the success of your campaign. A consistent customer experience combined with integrated marketing efforts will result in higher conversion rates, elevated brand awareness, and consumers putting trust in your brand. An increasingly popular means of establishing brand compliance is with a local marketing solution like CampaignDrive. For more information on local marketing solutions and CampaignDrive, check out: What Are Local Marketing Solutions?

Whether your focus is on increasing customer engagement, raising brand visibility and advocacy, or bringing in more marketing-qualified leads; An effective local marketing strategy can play a pivotal role in improving public perception of your brand in order to drive the desired results.



by Parris Johnson

Content Marketing Strategist at CampaignDrive by Pica9.

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