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By Parris Johnson on September 25, 2018

3 Important Elements To Include In An Effective Marketing Stack

Strategic alignments and marketing technology to maximize the efficiency of your marketing strategy.

As you likely have noticed, there is no shortage of marketing technology products floating around the marketplace. The question lies, as an organization how can you ensure that you are using the most effective tools to ensure the most efficient marketing stack? Before you can accurately gage the effectiveness of your strategy, there are a couple of factors you must first consider: First, What is your greatest organizational need? It is important to know what exactly you aim to achieve through your marketing stack. Second, what is your budget? A clear idea of how resources will be allocated should be established before your organization begins to build out a marketing stack. Last, How big is your team? Headcount and expected headcount should be accounted for, to ensure that you aren’t overloading your staff.

1st And Foremost, You’ll Need A Good Sales Tool

Regardless of the industry, every organization has a need for an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. That is, a tool that can effectively organize contact information, gather customer data, as well as build out customer profiles using said customer data. An effective CRM tool will not only build out these customer profiles, but will identify a customers level of interest and inherently track that customer’s activity whilst moving along the buyer’s journey. In order to achieve this goal with maximum effectiveness, marketers should have a CRM strategy in place to ensure that the sales team are receiving qualified leads. Seeing as that your CRM platform is the funnel to which your sales process begins, it is important to be sure that this information is accurate.

Secondly, You’ll Need To Automate

Now that you’ve gotten your CRM situation all figured out, you’re going to need a marketing automation platform to make sure that you’re outbound messaging and client communications are optimized. In an ideal scenario your marketing automation platform will be integrated within your CRM tool, which would ensure a seamless flow of information between the systems and improve the accuracy of your data, though this isn’t always the case. Your automation platform serves to assist your team in several critical objectives, such as managing social media engagement with potential clients, managing outbound email messaging, developing an effective lead nurturing program, and even prioritizing potential leads for your sales team!

You Have The Tools, Now It’s Time To Track

Now that you have chosen on a customer relationship management tool and integrated an automation platform into your marketing stack, the time has come to track and measure the results! Measuring the success of your marketing strategy is critical in determining whether to scale your efforts up or down, or determining whether to add or remove features from the tools in your marketing stack. Without accurate analytics, your marketing team won’t be able to make adjustments to optimize your strategy. Remember you’ll never have the perfect marketing strategy, you should always be analyzing new information and keeping an eye on changes in the market in order to optimize your efforts.

When deciding on what tools to use when building your marketing stack, it is pivotal that you choose the tools with functionalities that fit YOUR business and business model! Otherwise, your marketing stack could hinder your ability to target your audience.

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Published by Parris Johnson September 25, 2018
Parris Johnson