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SaaS for the Enterprise

Why Major Brands Benefit from Self-Service Software

Enterprise companies are hesitant to adopt SaaS platforms because they offer a standard product to all customers. In this article from Marketing Technology Insights magazine, we reveal why SaaS marketing systems are actually a major advantage for these large brands.


You’ll Learn Why

  • Self-service software configuration is essential to be more competitive
  • Automatic software upgrades and flexible system settings enhance brand innovation
  • Brands in all industries are turning to SaaS vendors for marketing solutions

Enterprises have been reluctant to give up control over their marketing software, instead using specialized IT resources to design software that’s custom-made. These custom systems are often expensive and inefficient, especially for marketing. SaaS marketing software is now becoming a viable alternative for enterprise-level organizations. Self-service configuration, automatic system upgrades andbetter cost-effectiveness mean that enterprise marketing SaaS is the new standard for major distributed brands.


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